The Medicine Show

The Medicine Show

06 Sep, 2021

  • Live Theater
  • Musical

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In this fun and comedic musical, Marshall Dead-Eye is looking for a couple of con artists that are cheating everybody in the country. Dastardly Dan, the Medicine Man, assumes he is the suspect and he and his Idiot Sidekick go into disguise to sell Elixir, make some quick money, and skip town (while he tries to grab the innocent Pear White). But, that little lil' ol' country singer, Sugar Blues, smells a rat and suspects that the disguised Dastardly is not who he says he is.

In the meantime, Pretty Pearl White and her ugly Ma are trying to raise the money for their mortgage while the saloon girls chase after the sta-ra-ange and eccentric Prospector Pete and his gold. Roger Right, a Hero, comes to rescue Pearl from the clutches of Dastardly, to the delight of all the adoring girls, but a twist of luck reveals that Dastardly is NOT the con artist in question.

So if it isn't Dastardly, and his Idiot Sidekick, who are the real con artists? Dastardly thinks this is all very amusing until his money also disappears.

Then the chase begins.