Summer Camps & Classes

Mad Science Summer Camp: 

Rockets & Robots

Science Camp for Elementary School Age kids!

June 26-30, 1pm-4pm Cost: $210

Building a model rocket and robot in the same week?! It's a kid's dream come true! Learn about Newton's Laws of Motion, the forces of nature, calculation of thrust and altitude, simple programing, and basic circuitry in this knowledge and fun-packed camp!

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Mad Science Summer Camp: Crazy Chemworks  

Science Camp for Elementary School Age Kids!

July 10-14, 9am-12pm Cost: $210

Quick! When you think of a Mad Scientist, what comes to mind? A chemist, of course! Mix chemicals, make slime, examine reactions, and travel up & down the PH scale. Your take-homes in this camp will help you as you start building your home lab!

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